Tshwane: DA confident and ready for Court – Randall Williams

Reality is the metro should not be placed under administration

DA confident and ready for Court

24 March 2020

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is confident that it is in a strong position to fight the African National Congress (ANC) in court today and reverse its recent unlawful actions.

It is clear that the ANC's real intention is to try and take over the City of Tshwane from the DA by grabbing power through the back door, getting their hands on the money and looting the city ahead of the elections next year.

The DA views the ANC’s appointment of a new administrator of proven dubious character yesterday as irrelevant because we are confident that the decision to dissolve Tshwane will be overturned, by the court.  It is clear that the residents of Tshwane are in fact not the ANC's priority.

The reality is that the city should not be placed under administration as there are no real extreme circumstances set out in the ANC's responding affidavit.

It is filled with frivolous and unsubstantiated accusations that do not justify the extreme actions taken by the MEC and the provincial government.

The DA strongly holds the opinion that its application has very good prospects of succeeding and that justice will prevail.

Issuedby Randall WilliamsDA Tshwane Mayoral Candidate, 24 March 2020