DA Councillor assaulted in KZN - Nicole Graham

Geoff Pullan hit against wall and window by Ward Committee Secretary Ziphozonke Mpungose

Another DA Councillor attack in KZN

Another DA Councillor has been attacked in KwaZulu Natal making this the second attack in the last seven days.

Ward 58 Councillor Geoff Pullan was attacked and assaulted by his Ward Committee Secretary, Ziphozonke Mpungose, during a Ward Committee meeting on Wednesday.

Councillor Pullan and Secretary Mpungose had a dispute about the register, and in response, the secretary attacked him. His head was hit against the wall and window, he has bruises and abrasions on his head and body.

On Sunday the 7th of May 2018 a DA Councillor, Sihle Magubane was assaulted and strangled by ANC members in Mhlathuze during an altercation concerning a hall that the DA had booked for a meeting.

Both cases have been reported to the South African Police Services and cases had been opened.

The matter has also been reported to the Speaker's Office and Councillor Pullan is requesting that the committee is dissolved. The Ward Committee Secretary is reportedly an ANC member.

This kind of thuggish behaviour has no place in a democratic society.

In March this year, Councillor Warren Burne also laid assault charges against a member of his Ward Committee. Both Councillor Pullan and Councillor Burne won their wards from the ANC for the first time since the 2016 Local Government Elections, and have been working hard under difficult circumstances.

DA Councillors find themselves in increasingly dangerous situations in eThekwini and the province as a whole, and this matter requires urgent attention by both the city and the SAPS.

We wish Councillor Pullan well in his recovery and will not allow thuggish behavior to deter our mission of bringing Total Change to KZN.

Statement issued by Nicole Graham, DA eThekwini Caucus Leader, 13 May 2018