DA has left interests of minorities behind – Pieter Mulder

Councillor defected because of official opposition’s new focus on chasing after the majority vote, says FF Plus leader

DA councillor in Limpopo explains why she joined the FF Plus

1 September 2015

A DA ward councillor in Mogalakwena in Limpopo today resigned from the DA and joined the FF Plus so that she would be able to look after the interests of her voters better. The ward councillor, Ms. Marcelle Maritz is also an executive member of the Mogalakwena City Council.

Ms. Maritz says she joined the FF Plus because she had always been a dedicated ward councillor and because the new direction that the DA is now following to chase after the majority vote has resulted in the minority’s issues no longer receiving attention. She could therefore no longer meaningfully serve her ward.

The statement of Ms. Maritz’ decision follows:

The DA no longer has the interests of their traditional voters at heart. As it now again appears at Elsenburg, this party no longer takes action to protect that which is important to minorities, such as the protection of their language, history or cultural heritage such as monuments.

In contrast with this, the FF Plus actively strives for the protection of minorities, including the Khoisan and brown communities.

I therefore align myself with the FF Plus and will in future work with all my energy to serve the marginalised minority communities and my own people in Potgietersrus."

Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the FF Plus, says this party welcomes Ms. Maritz in its midst and it is happy that she is concerned about the interests of her voters in the first instance.

“There is a definite trend of re-alignment in South Africa’s politics and it is clearer that coalitions would offer a viable option to look after the interests of minorities,” Dr. Mulder said.

Statement issued by Dr Pieter Mulder, FF Plus leader, September 1 2015