DA activists shot at by ANC members – Zwakele Mncwango

KZN PC says this is while they were campaigning in KwaNyuswa’s Ward 2

The DA in KZN calls for political stability after our councillors were shot at

22 November 2018

The DA in Kwa-Zulu Natal today laid criminal charges against ANC members who yesterday attacked and intimidated councillors and members while they were campaigning in KwaNyuswa’s Ward 2.

During the campaign, the councillors' cars were blocked off and live rounds of ammunition were fired to scare them off.

Coupled with laying criminal charges with the local police, we have also contact KZN MEC for Community Safety and Liaison Hon Mxolisi Kaunda and KZN Acting Police Commissioner Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi to intervene.

This cannot be tolerted in a province that is still plagued with instances of political killings and instability. Such acts are criminal and need to be addressed as such. Acts of intimidation do not only undermine our young democracy but spit in the faces of stalwarts, veterans and ordinary South Africans who fought tooth and nail to ensure such freedoms are lived and enjoyed freely.

Today we condemn such acts and call for political tolerance in the name of freedom of association and affiliation. We cannot be held at ransom by vigilante activist who strongly believe they have a monopoly over our democracy.

The DA will continue to campaign throughout KZN and KwaNyuswa in particular. A democracy as young as ours needs to be nurtured and protected against criminal elements, who have the sole mandate to tarnish and destroy the strides achieved. The ANC in KZN must talk to its members, the leadership in the province must by example and tell their constituents that in this democracy all political parties have a right to campaign freely, a right protected by our constitution.

The DA is ready to bring about meaningful change, change that will unite this country and build One South Africa For All.

Issued by Zwakele Mncwango, DA KZN Premier Candidate, 22 November 2018