DA represents decayed and medieval political agenda - SACP Gauteng

Party has laid bare its deeper historic racial outlook to working class and revolutionary people


The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Gauteng Province calls on Alliance partners to close ranks and maximize their unity as the Democratic Alliance - that is, the political party of the Apartheid ruling classes - tears itself apart and implodes, reflecting a deeper crisis within the Apartheid ruling classes.

We believe that it is only through a consistent class analysis and exposure of the real interests of the monopolies whose class interests the DA continues to represent, that we can have a better appreciation of the nature of the crisis imploding the DA. Whilst a narrow focus on personalities only serves to hype and sensationalise the crisis, it does not, at all, help to unmask and unearth the deeper rot within the political party that represents a decayed and medieval political agenda.

We are convinced that the resignation of the former City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba yesterday and the subsequent mudslinging between him and the newly elected Federal Chairperson Helen Zille, is clear proof that the DA has overstayed its welcome and sell-off date.

It is clear that the DA’s continued role as the monolithic political party of racial ideology and white supremacy, feeding from the hand of the Apartheid ruling classes, has reached a dead end. It is also clear that the equally desperate narrow interests of DA puppets and petty bourgeois elements such as Herman Mashaba, who banked on cashing-in and growing his narrow “hair-salon” and “black like me” cash cow, have also hit a racially charged hard rock. 

We believe that by purging itself of the burden of its opportunistic Black and African elite, the DA has laid bare its deeper historic racial outlook to the working class and revolutionary people. We also believe that puppets and aspiring petty bourgeois elements that saw the DA’s genetic link with the Apartheid ruling classes as a low hanging fruit for personal accumulation, have tasted their own poison that was meant to dupe the working class for DA legitimacy. Clearly, this has proven to be a fallacy and nightmare for the Bantustan ilk today embodied in the Herman Mashaba-type and leading champion of the narrow hair-salon logic. 

It in this context that we believe that the Alliance in the province and in the Cities of Joburg and Tshwane must remain firmly united, close ranks and move in unison on these matters. We must avoid any rush into the same template of the DA-EFF implosion and deeper confusion, as we prepare for the next local government elections. We wish to caution against any attempt at grabbing the “lowest hanging fruit” by hook or crook by any of our Alliance partners, and factional maneuverings that can only serve to undermine the Alliance. 

Statement issued by Jacob Mamabolo – SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary, 22 October 2019