DA supports Horner family and farmers at Senekal gathering – Roy Jankielsohn

LO says party will not react to violent outbursts and will continue to be the voice of reason

DA shows support to Horner family and farmers at Senekal gathering

6 October 2020

A diverse group of Democratic Alliance (DA) members attended the gathering at Senekal today together with hundreds of other people from across the Free State and the country to express support for the family of Brendin Horner who was brutally and senselessly murdered on a farm near Paul Roux last Friday. The DA was also there to demonstrate outrage at the continuous criminal attacks on our farming community.

The DA regards both the owners of farms and their employees as farmers. Brendin Horner, who worked on a farm, paid the ultimate price for his choice of career as a young South African farmer. Crime continues to be one of the most serious security and economic threats to our farming community. Crimes on farms that include murder and rape are already treated as a costly low intensity war by the agricultural community and should be recognised as such by government.

The DA’s presence in Senekal is also a tribute to all our farmers who generate the agricultural commodities that are used to produce our food and clothing through their sweat and toil, and very often also through blood and tears. Our farmers who ensure our food security are national assets who deserve the respect of a grateful nation and the protection of their government.

The DA understand the emotions of a violent death of a young person and the frustrations people have with the criminal justice system. The DA will not react to violent outbursts and will continue to be the voice of reason.

Issued by Roy Jankielsohn, Leader of the Official Opposition in the Free State Legislature, 6 October 2020