DA sought to plunge SA into civil war - SACP

Party says Zille an agent provocateur for instructing her mob to commit acts of violence

SACP Condemns DA Violence

The SACP condemns Democratic Alliance violence brought to Braamfontein by its leader Helen Zille. 

In typical neo-colonial style, Zille hired unemployed youth from black communities in Midvaal and SOWETO to unleash them at their fellow blacks at COSATU House so that if violence erupts it would easily be explained as black on black violence. 

The odd crowd of the so called protestors came armed with stones, clearly ready and with the intention to engage in acts of violence including damage to property and injuries to innocent bystanders. 

The SACP is convinced Helen Zille is an agent provocateur for instructing her mob to commit these acts of violence that left a number of people injured and several cars damaged. 

But her agenda was well read by COSATU whose members conducted themselves with restraint and exemplary discipline, preventing a potentially explosive situation which could have resulted in blood bath. 

What DA had hoped to achieve is not different to what Dave Clive Lewis and Junus Walus sought to achieve by assassinating Cde Chris Hani, they aim was to plunge South Africa into a civil war. 

It is not a secret that South Africa's economy is still in the hands of few neo-colonialist masters whose interests the Democratic Alliance continues to serve up to this day. 

The abandoned march was all about making it easy for the bourgeoisies to maximise profits at the expense of the working class. 

The only reason DA wants the youth wage subsidy to be implemented at its current form is because the state is expected to transfer tax payers money to the accounts of employers who in turn will employ young people but pay them less than permanent employed workers. 

In other words for the same job and same working hours the youth will earn less than other employees, the logic is that captains of industry will produce more at low cost, thereby increasing their profit margins. 

In the end the youth wage subsidy would be a disguised subsidy to the bosses. 

When the target group of this subsidy complete its full circle they will be ejected out of the system back to unemployment and poverty while a fresh one is recruited in the place.

The SACP believes Zille's agenda is to rob the youth of their ability to earn a basic livelihood by introducing a system that takes away more from them but offering little in return.

Statement issued by the SACP, May 17 2012

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