DA to seek legal action against ANC Tshwane – Solly Malatsi

MP says blatant lies about his party's record in government were spread

DA to seek legal action against ANC Tshwane for blatant lies about our record in government

23 August 2018

ANC Tshwane Region Chairperson, Kgosi Maepa, has exposed the moral bankruptcy of the ANC in Tshwane, by spreading pure lies at a media briefing yesterday. The lies, published without a shred of proof by the Citizen, allege that the DA is using state funds to fund our election campaign.

He presented no evidence yesterday, and he will have no evidence in the future because no such thing has ever occurred. The DA runs the cleanest financial management in all of our governments and nothing will compromise this.

Consistently DA governments receive the best audit outcomes from the Auditor General, because money is spent on service delivery, and not wasted or diverted anywhere else.

Due to Mr. Maepa’s lies and deception, the DA will today obtain a legal opinion to advise on the way forward and possible action against the ANC and Maepa himself. It is also ironic that Maepa, someone who has been accused of threatening his own colleagues with violence, is now making baseless claims about the DA-led Tshwane government.

The reality is that the failed ANC has no more moves to make. The people of Tshwane made it clear that they no longer wish to be governed by the corrupt ANC. In a last-ditch attempt to soil the DA-led coalition’s record in government, they are spreading lies.

Since taking over the Tshwane government, Mayor Msimanga has been running a clean and efficient government that has zero tolerance to corruption.

It is for this reason that yesterday Mayor Msimanga, requested Council to issue the City Manager with a notice of intention to suspend pending the outcome of an independent investigation into claims of tender irregularities on his part. This is another example of Mayor Msimanga taking decisive action when even a whiff of corruption arises.

Let it not be forgotten that when Mayor Msimanga came into the Mayoral Office he found over 900 ANC cadres employed in the ANC Mayor’s office, distributing patronage at public expense and a City Administration on the verge of bankruptcy due to flagrant corruption. Great strides have been made since then, and the ANC simply cannot stand this.

Now our lawyers must consider what action must be taken against those who spread baseless lies about the DA.

Where the DA governs we will continue to bring meaningful change, providing access to jobs and services and stamping out corruption and maladministration. We will not allow the ANC to frustrate our progress by allowing baseless accusations to stand without consequence.

The ANC’s lies in Tshwane show that they are a morally bankrupt party and have abandoned real debate on the issues which matter to voters.

Issued by Solly MalatsiDA National Spokesperson, 23 August 2018