DA undeterred by Mnangagwa administration’s 'disapproval' – Solly Malatsi

Party says Zimbabwean govt complained in letter about escalation of matters to ICC

DA undeterred by Mnangagwa-administration’s “disapproval”

30 January 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes a letter by the Zimbabwean government addressed to DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane, expressing its disappointment that the Party and the Southern African Partnership for Democratic Change (SAPDC), has taken such an “aggressive stance” towards the Zimbabwean government’s violence against citizens and protestors.

The Mnangagwa-administration expressed disapproval in our escalation of matters to the International Criminal Court and United Nations Human Rights Council.

The DA wishes to reaffirm once more that the unlawful actions of the Zimbabwean government citizens merit immediate and strong action, not the quiet diplomacy President Ramaphosa has adopted.

The ANC’s silence on this matter does nothing but prolong the pain of Zimbabwean citizens and we cannot accept such a poor regard of human rights.

The DA will continue to act on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe, in efforts to end their anguish. We will remain committed to ensuring peace and justice prevail in our neighbouring country. We will not be intimidated by ZANU-PF’s “disappointment.”

The DA is committed to the vision of democratic ideals and values all across the African continent and we will always fight to protect human rights.

Issued by Solly MalatsiDA National Spokesperson, 30 January 2019