DA welcomes Zuma monoco – Mmusi Maimane

Party says this will be the 9th such motion that Zuma will face and the first one that ANC will support

DA welcomes Zuma MONC

14 February 2018

The DA welcomes the decision by the ANC to support the Motion of No Confidence in President Zuma that has now been moved up to tomorrow. This affirms what the joint opposition has argued - that Zuma must be removed by Parliament as the only Constitutional body empowered to elect and dismiss Presidents. This is an important vindication of the Constitutional powers of Parliament.

Tomorrow will mark the 9th such motion that Zuma will face, and the first that the ANC will support. We have time and time again proposed similar motions to remove Zuma, and on each occasion he has been doggedly supported and protected by the ANC, even by those who are now lining up to take part in his political execution. This shows that there has been no Damascene conversion in the ANC. They have not now woken up to the damage Zuma has caused to the country. They protected one political master, and now that he has lost power, they are protecting their new political master.

It is telling that the ANC refuses to say why they are recalling Jacob Zuma, with the Secretary General, Mr Magashule, saying that he has done nothing wrong. This is an insult to the country, which has so suffered under Zuma’s ruinous term in office.

We are clear on why he must go now. Jacob Zuma is corrupt, he has abused his office, he has usurped the Constitution and has destroyed the independence of the prosecution services. He has used the Presidency to build a deep-rooted corrupt system that has infiltrated every aspect of the state.

His imminent removal is an excellent first step, and must then be followed by his immediate criminal prosecution.

Issued by Mmusi MaimaneLeader of the Democratic Alliance, 14 February 2018