DA’s billboard antics expose their bankruptcy – ANC

Party says the opposition’s politics has become toxic


The African National Congress has noted the slanderous comments attributed to the leader of the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane at an unveiling of a billboard in Johannesburg. The antics of the DA expose the bankruptcy of their politics and the levels of desperation they have descended to.

This is a party whose politics have become toxic who believe that fear mongering and spreading lies will frighten voters to support them at the upcoming elections.

It is truly a sad day in our democracy if a party such as the DA believes that insulting young women by suggesting that providing them with sanitary towels is equivalent to promoting sexual promiscuity, makes them a party that represents values the majority of South Africans espouse. Rather than focusing on their ailing election campaign, the DA, once again, demonstrated its inability to present to South Africans sound alternative policies. The fact that the DA has no qualms about putting up African language posters with glaring errors demonstrates their disdain for those who speak the languages.

The ANC is concerned that the conduct of the DA flies in the face of the Electoral Code of Conduct as it is nothing short of spreading deliberate lies about the ANC. The ANC will take up the matter in the appropriate forums provided for in the country's electoral laws. The ANC recently unveiled its manifesto outlining its plans to take South Africa forward and build a cohesive society, where all its citizens not only meaningfully contribute to its growth, but equally benefit from the opportunities brought about by our democracy. The path towards creating a society that is non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous has never been an easy one and many challenges have confronted our efforts in transforming out society.

There is no doubt that the successive ANC administrations have transformed the lives of the majority of South Africans for the better.

The recent IPSOS survey report has dealt a devastating blow to the DA ambitions to win the upcoming elections as the party has become insignificant and irrelevant to the majority of South Africa. We are humbled that South Africans across the racial divide continue to express confidence in the ANC.

Issued by Zizi Kodwa, African National Congress, 17 January 2019