DA's plan to bring back era of colonialism and apartheid has been exposed – ANCWL

Women's league not shocked by party's announcement that it will table a motion for dissolution of parliament

ANCWL statement on the DA motion to dissolve Parliament

10 August 2017

The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) is not surprised nor shocked by Democratic Alliance (DA) announcement that it will table a motion for the dissolution of parliament. 

DA's plan to bring back their highly praised era of colonialism and apartheid has been exposed and must be rejected.  The DA's plan to remove the democratically elected government from power, is motivated by its desire to defend the supremacy of minority in terms of land and economic ownership. 

After realizing the seriousness of the ANC to implement the radical economic transformation (RET) which is for the benefit of the majority of black people and women, the DA funded by the imperialists is hellbent in ensuring that the RET program fails. The intention of the DA to dissolve parliament means not having oversight to government departments and will negatively impact the provision of much needed services to the poor and the working class. 

South Africans must take note that the DA has never had the interests of the people in particular Africans at heart. It has never supported budget votes passed in Parliament to enable government departments to deliver much needed services to the poor and the working class. DA is not pleased with some of the following achievements by the ANC led government which benefits majority of people: 

- Housing –Nearly 500 informal settlements replaced with quality housing and basic services. Three million free houses built, benefiting more than 16 million people.

- Water –Approximately 93% of South Africans accessing potable water. 

- Electricity –Approximately 12 million accessing to electricity. 

- Education –More than nine million children attending no-fee schools, whilst nine million children are also provided with free meals at school. All children in public schools receiving free stationary. In 2016 over R14 billion was disbursed as loans and bursaries supporting approximately 480 000 poor undergraduate students to access universities and TVET colleges. 

- Social welfare –In providing temporary intervention to fight poverty ravaging millions of people and around 17 million people receiving social support grants. 

- Healthcare –All HIV positive South Africans qualifying for anti-retroviral treatment regardless of their CD4 count. 

The ANCWL calls it's supporters, members and society at large to support government initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the poor and working class. Despite different political ideologies South Africans must join hands to built united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic prosperous country. 

Issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 10 August 2017