DASO wins Fort Hare SRC elections - Yusuf Cassim

DA MP says organisation won a clear majority of 52.5% of the vote, up from 20.5% last year

Historic win for DASO Fort Hare in University SRC elections

01 May 2015

The Democratic Alliance congratulates the DA Students Organisation at Fort Hare University for its historic win in yesterday's SRC elections.

DASO won a clear majority of 52.5%. This is up from 20.5% for DASO in last year's SRC election, and represents fantastic growth for the DA, almost tripling our support.

The outcome is noteworthy after two years of ANC-aligned SASCO control of the SRC.

The DA Student Organisation now governs both the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the University of Fort Hare.

This week Fort Hare University Vice-Chancellor Mvuyo Tom publicly campaigned for a SASCO victory in these elections, and despite this, DASO has found a popular mandate among students.

This historic win is testament to the manner in which the Democratic Alliance has prioritised students’ issues on campus.

Under the leadership of Athol Trollip, The DA in the Eastern Cape has created a unique Tertiary Institution constituency, which I lead, with the sole purpose of serving students in the province.

Fort Hare University has been home to great ANC leaders of the past, and has been a stronghold of the ANC.

However students have grown increasingly confident in DASO student leaders, who show commitment to fighting for better student conditions and increased access. 

DASO would like to thank all of the students at Fort Hare who came out to support the DA and who share in our vision of an open, opportunity learning environment for all.

DASO will now work tirelessly in leading the SRC to champion the pressing issues facing Fort Hare students including the exploitative treatment of NSFAS students, absence of meal allowances, squalid exploitative residences and hyper-inflated fee hikes.

Statement issued by Yusuf Cassim, DA Youth Interim Leader, May 1 2015