FW de Klerk’s denialism violation of UN resolutions – EFF

Fighters say in essence, former president has no regard for democratic order

EFF statement on De Klerk’s apartheid denialism

15 February 2020

The Economic Freedom Fighters notes the sickening statement of the F.W. De Klerk Foundation's Statement which basically reiterates the apartheid Murderer's wrong conviction that apartheid was not a crime against humanity. In its statement, the Foundation says amongst other things that, "The idea that apartheid was 'a crime against humanity' was, and remains, an 'agitprop' project initiated by the Soviets and their ANC/SACP allies to stigmatise white South Africans".

This sickening statement and the continued rooi gevaar are instruments that were employed by the apartheid government to kill, arrest, torture, and banish freedom fighters. This is further an exoneration of the EFF's correct and decisive actions against de Klerk during the opening of parliament in 2020.

What this further means is that De Klerk and his associates are not apologetic of the crimes of apartheid that deprived black people and Africans in particular of their humanity, dispossessed them of their land and all forms of socio economic existence.

De Klerk's apartheid denialism is also in violation of the United Nations Resolutions that apartheid is a crime against humanity. Disregarding the United Nations and International Law is a violation of the Constitution of South Africa, meaning that De Klerk has no regard of the Democratic order.

Under apartheid, millions of black people were killed, banished and starved to death due to institutionalised exclusion of basic human rights. Black people were not allowed to receive quality education, were excluded from career options, were not allowed to own key economic sectors and were subjected to inferior healthcare and social assistance programmes.

As a result the life expectancy of black people and Africans in South Africa as far much lower than the life expectancy of white people. Black people and Africans in particular died and continue to die of preventable diseases because they have no access to adequate and healthy nutrition and healthcare.

These vestiges of apartheid are still a present reality for many people in South Africa despite the official abolition of institutionalised apartheid. Millions of black people are still on the margins of socio economic benefits and vulnerable to all sorts of diseases and suffering.

Amidst of all these, De Klerk who was wrongly awarded a Nobel Peace Prize stubbornly denies the brutality of the racist and nonsensical apartheid system. De Klerk is refusing to take full responsibility for the crime that apartheid was. This is despite the so called reconciliation that was imposed on our people by the political elite who persuaded the masses of our people to forgive people who never asked for forgiveness.

The EFF calls on government, parliament, and all peace loving South Africans to isolate De Klerk and all apartheid apologists and apartheid denialists. Parliament and Government must immediately stop all invitations to De Klerk and if they fail to do so, the EFF will increase its militant protests against De Klerk including through physically removing him from official events. The EFF will also develop a programme on all public appearances of De Klerk to remind him that apartheid is a crime against humanity.

Furthermore, the South African State should withdraw all support it as been providing to this apartheid denialist. The EFF will write to the Nobel Peace Committee to withdraw the Nobel Peace Prize.

The EFF will also explore all legal options to reopen a forensic inquest against De Klerk on all people who were killed by the State under his presidency with the aim of prosecuting him for the apartheid Murderes. It is evident now that de Klerk will only appreciate that apartheid was crime against humanity if he faces prosecution.

The South African Parliament should enact laws that criminalizes apartheid denialism and hold accountable all apartheid criminals who continue to deny the crime of apartheid. The EFF will escalate campaigns against all forms and symbols of apartheid because the silence of the current political leadership gives rise to the arrogance of apartheid apologists and denialists.

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 15 February 2020