De Lille’s claim defamatory – Craig Kesson

Executive Director says he is taking legal advice on Cape Town Mayor’s allegation of criminal conduct

Craig Kesson's response to the Executive Mayor's public statement

29 November 2017

Statement by Craig Kesson

I have taken note of the Executive Mayor’s (Mayor) statement which has not been submitted to me personally and which contains an ad hominem attack on me.

This is unsurprising given the treatment whistle-blowers receive.

I have also noted that the Mayor has chosen to use City-funded machinery to issue this statement.

I have set out the facts in detail in my original two reports and affidavit tabled at Council, and my detailed report in response filed yesterday, which will be tabled at the Council meeting on 5 December 2017. These reports and affidavit together with the documents in the evidence files deal in detail with the matters set out in the Mayor’s statement and I do not propose to repeat them here.

I bear no malice against any official or the Mayor and have acted at all times in good faith in my duties as Head of Probity in the City and in the interests of good governance.

My interest is in seeing that these matters are properly considered by Council in the City’s and the public interest. It is for Council and not me to decide what to do with the reports and affidavits before it.

I note the reference in the statement to alleged (unspecified) criminal conduct on my part which has now been widely published by the Mayor and which I believe is defamatory of me. I am taking legal advice and reserve my rights.

Statement issued by Craig Kesson: Executive Director, Directorate of the Mayor, City of Cape Town, 29 November 2017