EFF condemns SCA's reduction of sentences in coffin case

Fighters can't understand how in law two men's actions could not amount to attempted murder

EFF rejects SCA decision to reduce sentences of white racists in the coffin assault case 

3 December 2019

The EFF rejects the outcomes of the Supreme Court of Appeal in the Coffin Assault case. The court has set aside the attempted murder conviction of the two racists who violently forced Rethabile Mlotshwa into a coffin and threatened to set it alight. The racists will now serve a 5 years sentence.

It is difficult to understand how in law, could such actions not amount to attempted murder. Nevertheless, the court itself acknowledges that the pair never took responsibility or showed any remorse. They videoed themselves and even burned the coffin as evidence to defeat the end of justice. This, in the court's own acknowledgment, signifies that chances of rehabilitation on these pair are slim.

The damage to Rethabile Mlotshwa's person and dignity is big. His body was seen over the face of the earth forced into a coffin alive, by two white racists for simply walking through their farm as any pedestrians do. He was assaulted and promised death. Upon appealing with these racists, they let him go, but still posted his video online to show they took pleasure at every moment and even at threatening what was imminent death on him.

We call on the NPA to appeal the case with the Constitutional Court. The conviction of attempted murder sticks on the racist pair, and they must serve sentences for such.

Our courts truly need to internalise the fact that anti-black racism is a real motivator when white people deal with blacks. It is worse in circumstances like violence and humiliation.

White privileged always saves white offenders from the cutting wreath of the law; and this must come to an end!

Issued by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 3 December 2019