Attempt to block Eskom signing on IPP’s dismissed – Kevin Mileham

DA MP says what SA needs now is the urgent release of the latest IRP

DA welcomes High Court dismissal of Coal Transporter’s Forum attempt to block Eskom signing on IPP’s

26 March 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the decision by the South Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, to dismiss with costs the case brought by the Coal Transporter’s Forum to prevent Eskom from signing power purchase agreements with a number of Independent Power Producers (IPP’s).

This comes at a time when South Africa faces a national energy crisis with stage 4 rolling blackouts - bringing businesses, industries, public transport and homes to its knees.

What South Africa needs now is the urgent release of the latest Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which will showcase government’s commitment and resolve to bring on new renewable generation urgently.

The Minister of Energy, Jeff Radebe, has stated that the IRP roll-out is imminent, but this has been the same story for a number of months.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) offers opportunities to address base load power and when combined with wind and solar photovoltaic, can provide a clean and green energy source. The government needs to ensure that CSP and the other renewables receive significant future allocations in the new energy plan.

With the energy costs falling dramatically and the short turnaround from contract to connection, renewable IPP’s will bring about much needed breathing room to Eskom’s stretched generation capacity.

The DA are, at the same time, waiting with anticipation for the court’s ruling that may allow the City of Cape Town to source directly from IPP’s. We need to unlock the energy sector and allow IPP’s to sell electricity directly to metros that are well-functioning.

The DA will continue to fight for a competitive and diverse energy sector that will bring about stable and affordable electricity to all. The DA will continue to fight to keep South Africa’s lights on.

Issued by Kevin Mileham, DA Shadow Minister of Energy, 26 March 2019