Dodgy RDP houses unable to withstand tornado - Jack Bloom

DA MPL says homes had a single outer wall of bricks, with little cement holding them together


The RDP houses that were destroyed yesterday in Duduza after being struck by a tornado crumbled because they were badly built. I discovered this when I visited the disaster area this morning with my colleagues DA MPL Glenda Steyn and DA Ekurhuleni Councillor Zodwa Radebe.

Residents that I spoke to complained about how easily the walls of their houses fell, endangering those inside. There was only a single outer wall of bricks, instead of a double wall. There was very little cement between the bricks - not much was holding them together.

There must be an investigation into the construction company that built these houses in 1999. They did a very poor job which has made this disaster even worse and cost at least one life and many injuries. It may have been a corrupt contract. We need to know the truth.

The DA extends its condolences to those who lost a loved one, and we will assist where we can in helping residents rebuild their lives.

Statement by Jack Bloom MPL, DA Gauteng Caucus Leader, October 3 2011

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