Drop leadership lobby lists - ANC WCape

Marius Fransman says that in order for the party to live lists and factions must die

ANC says drop leadership lobby lists

14 June 2015

The ANC Western Cape leadership has not endorsed any list / slates for the upcoming elections of new leaders at the end of this month.

The ANC noted the unacceptable public publishing of some factional lists from different quarters and persuations. The provincial executive committee (PEC) believes lists bring division and allow for factions to manipulate the outcomes.

The ANC Western Cape has to directly respond to the public circulation of certain lists, like the one reported on City Press’ front page today.

ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman says: "Nobody has approached me and therefore I reject any efforts to associate my name with a list at this time. I have not endorsed any list. I will not be bargained into any position. I call on all comrades to respect the fact that the present PEC’s term only ends at conference.

I call on all disciplined members to follow democratic processes and not to create lists, drive wedges for factional gains or abuse the situation.

“In order for the ANC to live, lists and factions must die. Different to the period prior to 2011, the current leadership brought more stability to the ANC Western Cape. It is factions and lists that will increase divisions by those with lots of uncertainties trying to manipulate by lists. We cannot allow that to be sacrificed now by some for short term factional gains.

Lists have the potential of ‘winner takes all’ and normally the potential to sacrifice good quality leaders for the interest of opportunists. For the sake of the future of our movement in the province all comrades must stop circulating divisive lists now."

Statement issued by ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman, June 14 2015