EFF rejects exoneration of Eskom COO

Fighters say that Pravin Gordhan is a puppet of WMC, is protecting Jan Oberholzer


Friday, 03 July 2020

The EFF rejects a fake, cooked, altered report that exonerated the white, old corrupt COO of Eskom Jan Oberholzer of his alleged corruption, abuse of power and released by Jamnandas. This report confirms what we have been saying that Jamnandas is a protector of corruption when his white friends do it. Jamnandas said it at the meeting of Standing Committee on Public Accounts weeks ago where he stated that not all corruption is necessarily criminal conduct. He further said, in that meeting that he will seek legal opinion on whether to release the entire unaltered report or he should alter the report to cover his shenanigans and his friends who seek to fast track the collapse a strategic entity which is already on the verge of collapse.

It didn't come as a surprise that the COO was never suspended during this very crucial investigation, and the report starts by clearly explaining why he was not suspended. Why is it the duty of the investigator to explain why a high-level Executive employee who is alleged to have a committed such a serious criminal conduct was not suspended?

This investigation, was conducted and concluded in 11 days, despite these highly accelerated levels of efficiency in conducting the investigation, and Eskom issuing a statement on the 15th of April 2020, Jamnandas claimed that he only received the report two months later. Upon receipt of these report, Jamnandas told Portfolio Committee meeting that he would seek legal advice on whether he can release the report unaltered or not. It was clear from this point that Jamnandas already had intentions to alter the report.

Furthermore, Jamnandas was asked to furnish witnesses who testified for and against the COO. The Minister's response in Parliament was that he would seek legal opinion, to date the EFF has not received any feedback.

We want to remind everyone that the COO was investigated for amongst others issuing illegal instructions of effecting payment of R42 million to Aveng which the employee of Eskom, Mr Mark Chettiar refused to execute. Mr Mark reported the matter to the Zondo Commission, which confirmed that Mr Mark did the right thing by refusing to execute an illegal instruction.

Furthermore, the Zondo Commission called for disciplinary action against those who are involved in corruption, amongst others one Mr Muller, who was handpicked by Mr Oberholzer to implement his criminal activities. Furthermore. Eskom is defending the non-payment of Aveng in court. something that Mr Mark correctly refused to carry.

Business continues as usual at Eskom, nothing has happened to Mr Muller, and Mr Mark is being unfairly and unimaginably victimised. To this end, Mr Oberholzer remains a free and happy man because the puppet of white monopoly capital, in the form of Jamnandas. protects him.

We want to send a strong message to Jamnandas that we are not intellectually destitute like he thinks we are. The report is tailor-made to exonerate his white, old brainless COO who to this date never faced any disciplinary process for his criminal conduct.

Once again we demand the unaltered report to be released and names of witnesses who testified for and against Mr Oberholzer. We demand Justice for Mr Mark. who is suffering victimisation because he put South Africa and her people over being drawn into corruption.

We call on the immediate dismissal of Mr Oberholzer and Jamnandas for the sake of our strategic asset. We cannot continue to be misled by a compromised Jamnandas and also have the COO who clearly has a sinister hold over the Minister, to the point that wrongs are now the new rights. Jamnandas must retire. he has long reached his sell-by date, and he is on the path to close down Eskom and hand it over to his white friends.

Statement issued by the EFF, 3 July 2020