EFF welcomes approval of Sinovac's Coronavac vaccine

Fighters say that if it were not for their noble efforts this would not have happened


Saturday, 03 July 2021

The EFF welcomes the approval of the Coronavac vaccine, which is manufactured by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, for use against the deadly CoronaVirus in South Africa. The approval of this vaccine is long overdue and is a result of the principled mass action by the EFF against the policy of vaccine procurement that has been held ransom by capital.

As the EFF, we had warned against the political interests that guide the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), which has hamstrung the process of vaccine approval. It is due to the conflict of interest of those who occupy the heights of power at SAHPRA, that the country is subjected to frivolous lockdowns and unprecedented loss of life.

The decision to approve the use of Coronavac, means the collusion of SAHPRA with ASPEN and global pharmaceutical companies, at the behest of compromised individuals such as Helen Rees whose husband is a shareholder at ASPEN, has been decisively undermined.

If not for the noble efforts of the EFF, the entire nation would still be subjected to narrow and unscientific imperialism in terms of vaccine procurement, and there would be no reprieve of the loss of life and infections.

The EFF calls for the immediate massive roll-out of the Coronavac vaccine, which is approved for use for individuals between the ages of 18 and 59. We call on government to abandon their fruitless policy of registration for vaccination, and allow people to be vaccinated on site upon producing valid identification.

All people must be vaccinated to ensure that we the nation can return to a semblance of normality, so that the incompetent government that has led us to unnecessary loss of life and collapsed our economy can be removed.

We thank the ground forces and all those who took the time to selflessly march to the SAHPRA offices demanding vaccination. The March To Save Lives must be recorded as one of the most decisive actions to curb COVID-19.

The EFF has fought and went against not only the dictatorial government of Ramaphosa, who is engaged in transactions at the expense of life, but also against the wave and barrage of electric blanket, onesie analysts, who dedicated their lives to criticising the EFF.

This announcement comes as the EFF was preparing further roll out of action amongst which was the promise to have a sit in at Helen Rees' house. We demand the further approval of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine, in the interests of a permanent solution to the COVID-19 crisis.

Statement issued by the EFF, 3 July 2021