EFF welcomes Cuban water engineers

Fighters says govt should resist urge to privatise services to inferior white cooperations


Friday, 23 April 2021

The EFF welcomes the arrival of 24 Cuban engineers who will assist in the water crisis in South Africa through the transfer of skills, training of local engineers and resolving of critical water infrastructure problems that have resulted in millions of South Africans living in undignified conditions.

Our nation is one that suffers from poor water infrastructure, failure to deliver water to people and lack of technical capacity to develop sophisticated water systems. The Cuban engineers come in to bolster South Africa's efforts of building internal capacity in areas of expertise in local engineers, as opposed to the foolish agenda of privatising water supply and infrastructure development.

They will assist, with their expertise in research and security of hydraulic infrastructure, while also providing expertise on the versatile use of ground water, sea water and surface water resources.

As the EFF, we have long called for comprehensive cooperation with Cuba on a variety of key developmental areas, namely in healthcare, the building of pharmaceutical capacity, the economy and education.

Cuba remains a leading humanitarian benchmark on development that is anchored on socialism and internationalist cooperation that does not waiver under parasitic imperial pressure.

We encourage all sectors of South African government to resist the urge to privatise services to inferior white cooperations, who have no feasible plan to build sustainable development in South Africa, but rather seek to subject South Africa to permanent inferiority in order to hold the grip of imperialist rule through underdevelopment.

The fact that Cuba's role will primarily be the transfer of skills, reveals that their purpose is not that of milking South Africa dry, but that of developing our nation to be a credible global competitor that is able to provide critical services to the people.

Statement issued by the EFF, 23 April 2021