EFF welcomes SAHRC findings on non-existent hate speech

Fighters say that to end racism and white privilege they will always speak the truth


Wednesday, 27 March, 2019

The EFF welcomes the findings of the South African Human Rights Commission on hate speech complaints laid against the EFF leadership. In all the complaints, the SAHRC found that none of the utterances by the CIC Julius Malema regarding white people and Indians, constitutes hate speech. It also found that comments by Secretary General Godrich Gardee, regarding Mmusi Maimane being a garden boy do not constitute hate speech.

In essence those who laid complaints, particularly against the CIC Julius Malema wanted to suppress legitimate criticism that should help society confront its ills. Those who want to shut down the land expropriation debate want to silence voices that are critical of white privilege.

They also seek to shutdown debate about the abusive treatment African people receive at the hands of many Indian bosses.

We reiterate that it does not help the country when people try to shut down debates, by abusing the resources and time of courts and chapter 9 institutions. We should be focused on confronting these injustices and correcting them instead of crying none existent hate-speech.

The EFF makes no apology for being robust and naming issues as they are. To end racism and white privilege we must always speak the truth and name issues for what they are. The findings of the SAHRC are indeed consistent with superior logic.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 27 March 2019