EFFSC victorious in NWU Mafikang campus SRC elections - EFF

Fighters say the ANC rolled out has-been celebrities and 10 000 t-shirts to no effect


02 September 2015

The Economic Freedom Fighters congratulates the EFF Student Command (EFFSC) for securing victory in a heavily contested SRC election at the North West University, Mafikeng Campus, today.

Our student fighters were confronted with an enemy force that deployed celebrities from outdated personalities like Athur Mafokate, Choomee, Ishmail to current soap stars from television series like Skeem Sam, Scandal and Zabalaza; and all these led by the honourable Fikile "pouting selfies" Mbalula.

Upon realising that these largely has-been celebrities do not have the necessary impact to a relatively large conscious student body, the ANC MECs of North West, including the Premier Supra Mahumapelo himself, descended upon NWU Mafikeng Campus to dish out 10,000 free ANC t-shirts, including giving food parcels in the form of free KFC and braai to students.

Under these desperate conditions, without a single celebrity and food parcelsm the EFFSC in NWU Mafikeng campus  decisively defeated the enemy forces combined. The EFFSC was armed with nothing else but the message of economic freedom, decolonisation and an impressive record of student service. They demonstrated that superior logic is stronger than attempt at vote buying through food parcels.

This election was a victory for democracy and the EFF saluted the student body for using conscience and consciousness to vote, dispelling the anti-intellectual food parcel election strategy of the ANC. Students refused to be treated like empty heads with no capacity to think, where you simply throw free KFC at them and expect to get their votes. MECs could not persuade students with any message except to give food parcels and students refused to be manipulated by people who have no superior and useful ideas to solve their problems.

It is also a demonstration that NWU Mafikeng campus students possess greater consciousness than all the ANC Members of Parliament combined, who on a daily basis participate in immoral and often unlawful and unconstitutional decisions merely for the sake of preserving their jobs. ANC leaders have surrendered their brains to their stomachs and refuse to challenge corruption and nepotism in government for the fear of losing a plate of food. To this extent, NWU Mafikeng Campus students are much more politically mature and conscious because poor as they are and as hungry as they are, they could not compromise their principle for a KFC Streetwise Two.

These young people who love entertainment, refused to compromise their principles for a selfie with celebrities for social media profiles. They refused to learn from Fikile Mbalula that admiring celebrities at all costs, like he does with Floyd Mayweather, is more important than changing the conditions of their campus by choosing the right leadership.

These elections must inspire the people of South Africa from cities to villages to emulate the NWU Mafikeng Campus students in using their conscience and consciousness to vote in the next local government elections and to vote EFF.

Wish further wish the EFFSC-led SRC at NWU Mafikeng Campus a great success and urge them to fearlessly and selflessly fight for the interests of students whilst consolidating student power for economic freedom.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, September 2 2015