Ernst Roets appointed as Head of Policy of Solidarity Movement Trust

Will henceforth be responsible for coordinating the policy and strategy and for promoting public buy-in for strategy

Ernst Roets appointed as Head of Policy of the Solidarity Movement Trust

3 August 2023

AfriForum’s Chief Executive for Strategy and International Liaison, Dr Ernst Roets has just been appointed Head of Policy for the Solidarity Movement. In his new capacity, Roets will henceforth be responsible for coordinating the policy and strategy among the institutions of the Solidarity Movement, and for promoting public buy-in for this strategy. This also entails that he will henceforth be an employee of the Solidarity Movement.

Roets said that he looks back on the past thirteen years that he has spent as an employee at AfriForum with great appreciation, but that he looks forward to the new task that lies ahead of him with great excitement. More information regarding this announcement will be made in the coming months.

Flip Buys, Chairperson of the Solidarity Movement said Roets’ appointment follows the urgent need to speed up the Movement’s protection and building projects due to the perpetually deteriorating condition of the country. Roets recently completed his doctorate in Law, which equips and enables him to give depth to the federal plans of the Movement that will be announced in early October.

The Solidarity Movement binds the more than 20 institutions of the Solidarity Movement together and coordinates their work. Flip Buys is the Chairperson, Werner Human the Head of Operations, and Jaco Kleynhans the Head of International Liaison. The 12 trustees forming part of this trust represents the biggest institutions in the federal movement. They include, among others, Dr Dirk Hermann, Chief Executive of Solidarity, Kallie Kriel, Chief Executive of AfriForum, Henk Schalekamp of the Solidarity Investment Company, Prof Danie Goosen, Chairperson of the FAK, and Hannes Noëth, Executive Director of Solidarity Helping Hand.

Issued by Ernst Roets, Head of Policy, Solidarity, 3 August 2023