Eskom: Too many teams create confusion – NUM

Union says technical review committee one of many interventions power utility is employing

NUM noted Eskom's appointment of technical review committee. 

5 March 2019

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has noted Eskom’s appointment of a technical review team that will conduct a rapid review of operations maintenance as well as the technical environment at its power stations.

The NUM views this as some of the many interventions the power utility is employing as it tries to sort out its many challenges including ageing infrastructure, rolling blackouts and financial constraints.

“The State President Cyril Ramaphosa seems not to be sure about what should happen to Eskom. He seems to be engaging every advice that is brought on his table. We view this as a recipe for disaster going forward”, said NUM Energy Sector Coordinator Paris Mashego.

There seems to be many teams and committees that are established in Eskom and that were creating unnecessary confusions.

“What we are saying is that we should have one team that should be given a space to deal with all Eskom’s problems”, added Mashego.

Issued by Luphert Chilwane, NUM Media Officer, 5 March 2019