EWC: All property rights now under threat - Pieter Groenewald

FF Plus leader says the people of SA need to wake up to the hard reality

Debate on issue of land will not progress as long as false narratives dominate the discussion

Remarks that white people stole the land in South Africa must be stopped seeing as the debate on land will not progress as long as false and divisive narratives dominate the discussion. These statements must come to an end before the land issue can be debated in a responsible and fruitful manner.

There are numerous versions of history. I would like to quote what Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi said with regard to this issue at the inauguration of the Nkome/Bloedrivier monument on 16 December 1998.

“In 1991, even before excuses were at the order of the day, I wanted to apologise to the Afrikaner nation on behalf of the Zulu nation for what happened to Piet Retief and the Voortrekkers and for the actions of my ancestors that caused them pain and suffering.”

I want to tell Prince Buthelezi that the Afrikaner accepts this apology. It is high time that the young people of this country learn a thing or two about history from a senior statesman with integrity.

The question of what the government wants to do with the land that they intend to expropriate without compensation remains. What will happen to that land?

We know that they are referring to land owned by white people here. Everyone keeps saying that the white people must give back the land. Landowners also need to realise that this applies to all land, not just agricultural land – so if you own a house in a town or a city, this will affect you too.

I want to ask this question again: what will the expropriated land be used for? If it is for farming and to stimulate agriculture, then I can honestly say that the ANC is the reason why land reform failed in South Africa. That is also why the issue has not been properly addressed.

If we thus continue along the path of land expropriation without compensation, we are bound to run into some unforeseen consequences. The FF Plus does not support this motion of land expropriation without compensation.


People need to wake up to the fact that the ANC’s plan to expropriate land without compensation is a reality

The people of South Africa need to wake up and realise that the ANC and its opposition partners’ plan to expropriate land without compensation is a hard reality. And once the gate of changing the Constitution has been opened, it will be impossible to close it again.

The amendments that the ANC made earlier today to the EFF’s motion to amend the Constitution so as to allow for expropriation without compensation are ominous and raises serious questions about any form of private ownership of any property in South Africa.

Amongst other things, it was asserted that the principle of willing buyer/willing seller is a hindrance to land reform and that President Cyril Ramaphosa will use every mechanism at the State’s disposal to carry through his plan of land expropriation without compensation.

All landowners in South Africa must take careful note of what happened in Parliament today. There are a lot of gullible people that think that this process will not be carried through seeing as President Ramaphosa said that the economy and food security may not be compromised in the process.

But today I am telling every person in the country that the ANC and its opposition partners will amend the Constitution in this regard. They have a two thirds majority and once the Constitution has been amended, your property can lawfully be taken away from you without compensation.

I want to reiterate the fact that this applies to all property. Whether it is a farm or a house in a town or a city. Landowners must realise that this process is analogous to the proverbial example of the frog that is put in a pot of lukewarm water which is then gradually heated until the unsuspecting frog cooks to death.

Property and private ownership of property form the cornerstone of an economy and serve to build that economy, but the ANC won’t allow it. The time has come for the people that are serious about their property to raise their voices in protest.

The time has also come for people to set aside their disinterest and apathy when it comes to politics in South Africa for the sake of their own survival. You can't say that you're done with the politics in this country, because the politics will never be done with you.

The FF Plus will never support such a motion and we will oppose it in all possible ways.

Statements issued by FF Plus leader, Pieter Groenewald, 27 February 2018