EWN "clowns" cartoon racist - SACP

Party pledges solidarity ANC's picket action against Primedia

SACP condemns racism in the media, Prime Media's Eye Witness News' publication of a racist cartoon

The SACP condemns in strongest terms the racism that persists in the media in all its manifestations, hidden, disguised and open. The Prime Media's Eye Witness News (EWN) in particular published a racist cartoon in its website, depicting the African National Congress (ANC) and the people who voted for it - painted as black people - as clowns (see here).

The SACP was part and parcel of the democratic forces that campaigned for the overwhelming victory that the ANC secured in the Fifth democratic general election; members and supporters of the Party and the working class in its overwhelming majority voted for the ANC.

The SACP supports and pledges solidarity with the African National Congress in its picket action to Prime Media and the EWN. The SACP is currently convening in its Central Committee in Johannesburg, and will look into the matter in detail with focus on what else must be done.

Statement issued by the SACP, May 30 2014

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