Extortion and corruption charges laid against Manana – Terri Stander

DA MP says disgraced ANC MP belongs in prison and not in Parliament

DA to lay extortion and corruption charges against Mduduzi Manana

9 May 2018

The DA will file charges of corruption and extortion against disgraced ANC Member of Parliament and convicted woman beater, Mduduzi Manana, following the release of a voice clip where he could be heard trying to extort his former domestic worker, Ms Christine Wiro, after she laid criminal charges against him.

In the clip, Mr Manana clearly attempts to offer Ms Wiro money in order to benefit himself and avoid further prosecution. He clearly unlawfully and intentionally tried to take advantage of her by subjecting her to financial pressure.  He obviously wanted to use his privileged position and tried to buy himself out of accountability.

Manana clearly tried to intimidate Ms Wiro.

We are pleased to hear that the police are still investigating the latest charges against him even though they have been withdrawn.

We are further pleased to hear that the National Prosecuting authority have refused to withdraw the latest charges against him.

We maintain that Manana belongs in prison and not in Parliament. He has broken his oath of office and taxpayers should not be made to pay the salary of a woman abuser.

Issued by Terri Stander, DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Women, 9 May 2018