Faiez Jacobs found guilty of assault - ANC NDC

WCape PS suspended for 18 months, though sanction is suspended for 3 years


6 April 2016

The ANC’s National Disciplinary Committee has found Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Faiez Jacobs, guilty for fighting with and assaulting former ANC employee, Wesley Seale, at the ANC Provincial office in November last year and suspended him for 18 months.

In a 17 page judgement, acting NDC Chairperson, Susan Shabangu, said  that the ANC is a voluntary political organisation and persons join the  organisation in the expectation that their physical safety would be respected and protected. Assaulting another member is a very serious act of misconduct. Moreover, an act of assault committed in the workplace is seen as very serious because of the harm that is or could be caused to workplace harmony.

The NDC took into account that Faiez Jacobs regretted his action and is capable of being rehabilitated. In the circumstances of this case, expulsion or outright suspension would be harsh and inappropriate sanctions. 

Consequently, the operation of the 18 month sanction was suspended for a period of 3 years, subject to the condition that should Faiez Jacobs be found guilty of any act of misconduct specified in the ANC Constitution during the next 3 years, the 18 month sanction shall become operative and Faiez Jacobs will be required to vacate his position as the Provincial Secretary of the ANC in the Western Cape.

The ANC also has an obligation to protect the reputation of the organisation in the interest of the organisation and its members. The NDC recommended that the Western Cape Provincial Executive Committee, with the support of the National Executive Committee deployees, enlists the help of religious groups and professionals in the Province to reinforce the unity and strengthen governance in the organisation and to help re-dedicate the Provincial structure to the character, culture, values and purpose which held the ANC in high esteem over the past one hundred years of its existence.

Statement issued by Derek Hanekom, Chairperson, ANC National Disciplinary Committee, 6 April 2016