Failed SAA deal another ANC fiasco – Solidarity

Ruling party's ideology and its hunger for power are blocking the state’s path

Failed SAA deal another ANC fiasco

14 March 2023

Solidarity is in no way surprised that the South African Airlines (SAA) agreement to enter into a strategic partnership with the Takadso Consortium also fell through.

The SAA was placed under business rescue in 2019 after Solidarity approached the court in this regard, and this airline’s future is now murky once again.

According to Derek Mans, sector coordinator of Defence and Aviation at Solidarity, these failed negotiations – irrespective of how secretive they were – are just another blot on the name of the government, as well as on Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

“Once again, this is proof that the ANC’s ideology and its hunger for power are blocking the state’s path. It is not only a further disaster for the SAA, but also for the employees and their families.

“It is also tragic that we are still in a situation where the government simply cannot see that they do not have the money, or the ability, to conduct business properly. 

“The government is the cause of the problems, but they still want to interfere in the business rescue process. They should confine themselves to politics and allow the market economy to manage itself,” Mans said.

Solidarity believes it is now clearer than ever before that the SAA will not be saved as long as the government is out to keep the airline under its wing.

Issued by Derek Mans, Sector Coordinator, Defence and Aviation, 14 March 2024