Failing ANC policies led SA into economic recession – Solly Malatsi

DA NS says this is not a ‘Zuma hangover’, it did not happen in isolation

Failing ANC policies led SA into economic recession

6 September 2018

The news that South Africa is in its first recession since 2009 will further burden South Africans oppressed by poverty and unemployment.

The crisis ia direct result of the ANC government which has failed to provide the necessary leadership and policy certainty to grow the economy and open access to jobs for approximately 10 million unemployed South Africans.

This is not “a result of a prolonged trend of slowdown in economic growth” as the governing party claims and it is not a ‘Zuma hangover’. This economic tragedy did happen in isolation, it is the outcome of the collective arrogance and poor planning on the part of the whole ANC.

The fact is, six months into his tenure as President, President Ramaphosa has failed to inspire confidence or prove that the ANC national government has turned over a new leaf.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s assurances that the country’s economic outlook “will look brighter” will do nothing to curb the ever increasing unemployment, rebuild declining investor confidence or make life better for South Africans.

What the failing ANC National government has done is increase the burden on people oppressed by poverty and unemployment. The ANC government  has increased VAT by 1%, the petrol price has increased every month since March and the cost of living is on the constant rise, as South Africans struggle to provide for themselves and their families.

The failing ANC would have us believe that the recession stems from the Zuma era, but this could not be further from the truth. Our dire economic circumstances are ANC-created and ANC-endorsed.

It is clear that the ANC government has consistently failed to realise South Africa’s potential and have no plan on how to ignite inclusive growth in order to open access to jobs for the almost 10 million unemployed Sought Africans.

South Africans deserve a government that will work for them, cut corruption and ensure the economy grows and jobs are created.

In 2019, South Africans have a choice between more of the same failed ANC or a Party who have shown that where we govern, we do improve lives by creating jobs, stopping corruption and improving service delivery.

South Africans have the power to bring about change that puts the people first by building a dynamic and inclusive economy for all South Africans.

Issued by Solly MalatsiDA National Spokesperson, 6 September 2018