FF+ candidates to stand in nearly 2,000 wards - Pieter Mulder

Party leader says DA won't be able to win metro areas on its own


The FF Plus will be placing candidates in nearly 2000 wards in the forthcoming municipal elections. This is considerably more candidates than the party had in the previous election in 2006.

The party will be participating in the elections in all nine provinces and the majority of its candidates will be in Gauteng with the Free State and the Western Cape following.

"Metro Councils such as Pretoria , Johannesburg and Cape Town could already be taken from the ANC in this election if opposition parties in a responsible manner form coalitions following the elections. Figures indicate that one party, as the DA is wrongly alleging for propaganda purposes, cannot win these metro councils on their own," Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus Leader said.

"In the 2006 municipal elections the DA for example only obtained 30% of the votes in the Tshwane Metro Council area and in the 2009 elections it was only 25%. The DA will need coalition partners such as the FF Plus and Cope to take the city from the hands of the ANC," Dr. Conrad Beyers, chairperson of the FF Plus caucus in the council, said.

Statement issued by Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus Leader, March 28 2011

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