Floyd Brink’s non-arrest mired in irregularities – DA Joburg

Municipal manager found in contempt of court for failing to comply with earlier court order

Floyd Brink’s arrest mired in irregularities

24 April 2024

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Johannesburg is deeply concerned about the state of the rule of law in the City of Johannesburg (CoJ).

We have received credible information indicating that the arrest of CoJ City Manager, Floyd Brink, has been unduly delayed due to, among other factors, the presence of thirteen unmarked vehicles outside his residence in Roodepoort.

Johannesburg finds itself in the midst of a deeply entrenched crisis at the hands of the ANC/EFF/PA/Al Jah-ma Doomsday Coalition. This becomes more evident daily, especially taking into account that someone like Brink cannot be arrested as his name is misspelt on the warrant for his arrest.

Brink’s arrest follows a contempt of court order in a matter relating to a resident, whose services were disconnected illegally. Brink failed to comply with a previous order, and was found in contempt.

Beyond the fact that residents should not have to go to court to remind the city about due diligence, and good governance - this showdown between an amalgamation of powers is a disgrace.

It is a sad day that police worked against law and order instead of in support of law and order. These actions by police make them part of our corruption problem instead of helping us solve crime and corruption.

The fact that 13 unmarked vehicles were preventing a court order from being enforced makes one wonder if these are the VIP protectors paid for by the rate payer?

The same rate payers whose services are disconnected illegally by Brink. We shudder to think, how many more there are in the same boat considering the state of billing in the city.

What we do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that this administration will do anything and everything in their power to undermine the rule of law and protect mr. Brink. One can’t help but wonder what would have happened if an ordinary citizen’s warrant of arrest had a typo on it?

Would they have been given the same courtesy as Brink, or would they simply have been arrested?

The DA appeals to the executive – leave something of Johannesburg intact. You have destroyed service delivery, at the very least leave the rule of law standing.

Issued by Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku, DA Johannesburg Caucus Leader, 24 April 2024