FNB's You Can Help campaign treasonous - ANCYL

League calls for harsh action to be taken against CEO Michael Jordaan

The enemy is unmasked. FNB shows its true colours

The African National Congress Youth League is deeply angered and disappointed by the so-called You Can Help campaign allegedly launched by First National Bank. We say allegedly, because until now, we find it impossible to believe that a bank formed and sustained by the hard work and toil of the South African people could so crudely turn on the very people who guarantee its livelihood.

Allegedly, because it is intolerable to attempt to understand why First National Bank would agitate to destabilize the very same country that, through its many tribulations and triumphs, has afforded FNB a safe and secure environment from which to conduct business, prosper and grow.

Allegedly, because young people are used in a callous and cruel manner, and we have to wonder whether indeed its Chief Executive, Michael Jordaan, would not have the courage to face the nation, the government and the ANC, when he agitates for an overthrow of our government, would he indeed hide behind the faces of young, innocent children, used for the whims and entertainment of capital to drive what is undoubtedly a treasonous agenda?

The campaign claims to be a call to action to assist resolve "the challenges' of South Africa as supposedly told through the mouths of young people. The very first fact is that this campaign does no such thing. FNB, in an obviously lame attempt to recreate an Arab Spring of some sort in South Africa, uses children to make unproven claims of a "government rife with corruption", indeed if this is the case, why does FNB not "help" as they purport and bring these allegations to the fore so that the law enforcement agencies may bring such criminals to book?

FNB also joyfully scripts young people to be disrespectful of their elders, pouring millions into adverts to defame the Minister of Basic Education and broadcast propaganda that equates the death sentence to abortion, making a mockery of the hard won gains of women in this country. The bank further has the nerve to call that people - which people - must "fight for what is theirs" - who is it that they must fight, the democratically elected government of the people?

Many may have forgotten, we have not, the very same call made by the DA in the 1999 election to "fight back", the calls to vote differently are obviously an expression of support for DA and are designed to discredit, the government of the people as we approach the general elections of 2014. The very airing of this campaign by the bank is  an express approval of the contents thereof.

The intention is clear and the enemy is unmasked. For years, South Africans have implored those fortunate enough to have global links to refrain from speaking ill of our country. Today, FNB is bold enough to take off its nameless and faceless mask and show the extent it is willing to go to undermine the gains of our democracy and the legitimate, democratic government of the people.

The African National Congress Youth League will never retreat from economic colonialists hoping to drag us back into the dark years of economic domination and apartheid. FNB should hang their heads in shame to attack our government when they were loudly silent during the days of apartheid, in true racist fashion, today they believe they can "help" because black people are at the helm of the state.

We call upon South Africans to close ranks against what is treacherous attack on our country. Where there are challenges the ANC government continues to work with the people to resolve their problems.

South Africa is not unique nor is it immune to the challenges facing the global economy and it is disingenuous for FNB to attempt to be a messiah instead of providing concrete solutions to the challenges confronting our nation, particularly since many of them are a making of the financial sector, an area we hope their expertise lies not governance.

We also call upon the Board of First Rand and employees of FNB, to distance themselves from these ill-conceived videos and for harsh action to be taken against Mr. Jordaan. Business as a whole has more than enough platforms from which to raise any issues with the ANC government, and this they have been doing, there is no basis for such insults and treasonous attacks on our government.

Statement issued by ANC Youth League, January 21 2013

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