Further easing of lockdown regulations tantamount to genocide – EFF

Fighters say President Ramaphosa has completely divorced himself from logic

EFF rejects further easing of lockdown regulations during an increase in cases of deaths related to Covid-19

18 June 2020

The Economic Freedom Fighters rejects the easing of lockdown regulations in certain areas of the economy while COVID-19 cases spiral out of control and health infrastructure and personnel collapse. We further reject the meaningless condemnation of alcohol abuse by a President who allowed the resumption of the sale of alcohol in the midst of a global pandemic. Ramaphosa's statements on alcohol abuse while having sanctioned its sale, despite numerous pleas from the public reveals an incoherent man who does not know what he is doing.

As things stand, there are 1674 COVID-19 related deaths in South Africa and 80 412 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19. There is a staggering increase of positive cases on a daily basis which average two-thousand a day and in some instances daily increases of positive cases that go over four-thousand. Despite this, Ramaphosa, who has completely divorced himself from logic, decides to open restaurants, cinemas, salons, casinos and essentially ends the lockdown that was put in place to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

The various relaxations to certain sectors of society in terms of the lockdown has made the entire effort inconsistent and irrational. As Ramaphosa stumbles in conceding to the demands of white-monopoly capital, he undermines the very purpose of the lockdown, restricting certain activities illogically as he has basically reopened society. The EFF has argued consistently that the only basis for relaxing lockdown conditions must be scientific and aligned with the decrease of positive cases of COVID-19 and deaths. The incoherence of the Mennell's project that occupies the Office of the President is precisely because he bases the reopening of the economy on profit-orientated interests and not on the protection of life.

Ramaphosa has no moral authority to speak on the impact of alcohol abuse and its relationship with Gender-Based violence. He is complicit as he is the one who allowed alcohol to be sold after he was told of the destructive impact alcohol has on South African society.

We are not moved by Ramaphosa's weak attempts at moral redemption. If the President wants to redeem himself, he must reinstate the ban on alcohol and stop the senseless easing of lockdown regulations which are incoherent, unscientific and tantamount to genocide.

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 18 June 2020