Gasant Abarder has absconded without notice - EWN

Primedia Broadcasting says new Cape Times editor announced his sudden departure in a late-night email on Friday

Media statement: Abarder leaves EWN without notice

Eyewitness News can confirm that Gasant Abarder has absconded from his position as EWN News Editor in Cape Town, despite a contractual obligation to work three months' notice. Abarder resigned in November, and his resignation was accepted. He was however informed that he needed to serve his full notice period of three months, which he agreed to. However, on Friday evening, he wrote a late-night e-mail to management informing them that he was leaving with immediate effect and would not be returning to Primedia Broadcasting.

In the e-mail he referred all enquiries to the management of the Independent Group. "We are disappointed that Abarder has chosen to leave on these terms," said EWN Editor-in-chief Katy Katopodis. "We have re-assigned his roles to other members of the team to ensure the high standards of journalistic integrity set by EWN are maintained." Primedia Broadcasting says Abarder's actions are in violation of his contractual obligations and they are currently assessing their options.

Statement issued by Primedia Broadcasting, December 9 2013

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