Gauteng e-toll enforcement to be tightened - Mmusi Maimane

DA leader says all outstanding fees will have be be paid before one can renew one's vehicle license

More ways to pay E-tolls, ANC announces

20 May 2015

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has today announced more ways to pay E-tolls.

There will now be far greater enforcement of E-toll payments through: 

Compulsory payment of all outstanding E-tolls when renewing vehicle license discs

Tracking of non-payers will be enforced through FICA registration when vehicles are registered

The doubling of monthly caps on fees if E-tolls are not paid within 30 days

No amnesty for anyone in arrears on E-tolls 

In addition, Phase 2 and 3 of E-tolling will see more gantries rolled out across Gauteng. 

Today’s announcement shows how the E-tolls Advisory Panel was a betrayal of the people of Gauteng. The people said scrap E-tolls, but the ANC has said E-tolls are here to stay.

This is despite clear evidence that the E-tolls system is collapsing. E-toll payments have dropped from R120 million in June 2014, to R45 million in January 2015. This while SANRAL’s monthly cost recovery targets have risen from R108 million to R204 million over the same period. 

To make up the shortfall, SANRAL are relying on “key account holders” to pay E-tolls. This means that small businesses, grocery stores, and the service industry are propping up E-tolls. The burden of E-toll payments for businesses is being passed on to all residents through higher prices for everything from food to clothing.

If the revenue shortfall cannot be closed by payments by users, the Gauteng Province and the National Government will be expected to fund the gap. This is money that could have been used for service delivery.

Between E-tolls and load-shedding the ANC have created a potent job-killing recipe for Gauteng.

South Africans must continue to stand up against this unjust system. The DA have shown where we govern how E-tolls can be defeated. Through court action, the City of Cape Town is steadily beating back SANRAL’s plans to roll out E-tolls in the city.

We will continue the fight in Parliament through the introduction of a private member’s bill to scrap E-tolling. 

But the biggest fight must now take place at the polls in 2016 when voters have the opportunity to demonstrate the consequences of the ANC’s announcement today.

Statement issued by DA leader, Mmusi Maimane, May 20 2015