Ramaphosa must do as Malema did – EFF

President must answer honestly and under oath, if he has never beaten up a woman

EFF statement on GBV and domestic violence raised in Parliament

18 February 2020

The EFF applauds our CIC Julius Malema for taking the opportunity to come out clean, under oath that he has never abused any woman or his wife. Each time any Member of Parliament is directly asked about gender-based violence and if they beat up women, they must do as the CIC Julius Malema did, answer honestly and under oath. This is the true triumph of accountability.

Moreover, we are pleased the CIC Julius Malema has also taken the ANC MP who made allegations against him to court. This means the CIC Julius Malema has nothing to hide.

Nevertheless, in front of a neutral judge, the ANC MP must provide evidence to support his claims. If these claims are false, he must pay for defamation for he is also guilty of using the important matter of GBV falsely to score cheap political points.

All who occupy positions of influence in society, particularly in parliament and govemment must never shy away from being held accountable for their treatment of women. The CIC Julius Malema is the first to raise this question during the SONA of 2018; challenging all MPs who have never beaten their wives to raise their hands.

This is critical because men who beat up women cannot engage in the struggle to end gender-based violence. This struggle is definitively against them.

We equally call on President Ramaphosa to do as the CIC Julius Malema did; answer honestly and under oath, if he has never beaten up a woman. He must not hide against the tyranny of the majority he commands in parliament or the ANC presiding officers.

Many in society will think this calling out of MPs is rendering the crucial issue to GBV futile.

This is not true, it must start exactly like this; men who know of other men that abuse women, must call them out. Men must call each other out if they abuse women. It is absolutely crucial and must be welcome as a step forward in the fight against GBV.

We reiterate our pride in the CIC Julius Malema for not refusing accountability, even on matters in his domestic sphere.

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 18 February 2020