Gerhard Ackerman conviction long overdue – EFF

Fighters say judgement must be accompanied with the maximum penalty, he must rot in jail

EFF statement on the judgment of child rape kingpin syndicate kingpin, Gerhard Ackerman

25 April 2023

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) welcomes the judgement from the Johannesburg High Court against the child rape syndicate kingpin, Gerhard Ackerman. Judge Mohamed Ismail found Ackerman guilty on 720 charges which include rape, attempted murder, unlawful possession and creation of child pornography, human trafficking, sexual grooming of children, sexual assault and the sexual exploitation of children. The judgment was handed down yesterday.

While this is a refreshing judgment from our courts, it comes 16-years after Ackerman's first indictment for exposing his penis to brothers aged 9 and 7. Two-years later, Ackerman was again accused of sexually assaulting the same children. In July 2018, Ackerman was accused of recording himself masturbating in front of a Il-year old boy at a Sunninghill (Gauteng) swimming school. Later in 2018, Ackerman was charged for forcing a 11-year old boy to rub his penis at an upmarket country club in Johannesburg. He was on R5000 bail when he was arrested in July 2021 on over 700 charges related to operating a child rape syndicate. He was again released on bail.

The United States of America (USA) authorities reported Ackerman's child rape syndicate operations to South African authorities. This resulted in his arrest in July 2021. It can be firmly concluded that Ackerman would have continued committing these deplorable crimes against minors if ANC Government was not pressured to prosecute.

Ackerman's co-accused, Acting High Court Judge and Senior Counsel for the State Capture Commission, Paul Kennedy was found dead in his home in February 2022 a few days before he was due to appear in court.

Kennedy, while providing legal services to the State Capture Commission, was arrested and released on bail with Ackerman. The Chairperson of the Commission, Justice Raymond Zondo, continued to use legal services of this charged serial child rapist. Essentially, Zondo financed Kennedy to rape minors using state funds. Justice Zondo was later rewarded with the appointment as Chief Justice by Cyril Ramaphosa.

The disregard of over 700 charges related to operating a child rape syndicate by Zondo stinks of white privilege. At the very least, a black Senior Counsel charged as Kennedy was, would have been immediately released from providing legal services to the Commission.

These glaring layers of injustices and horrific crimes against minors, did not warrant intense investigative reporting from mainstream media. The white kingpins of a child rape syndicate has been reported in a similar manner as weather reports. This is another testament to a generally racist media particularly on how they report about white criminals.

The judgement against Ackerman must be accompanied with the maximum penalty. Ackerman must rot in jail.

Judge Ismail, in his judgement stated that "it is clear he pimped these children for a living." The client list must be speedily and efficiently investigated and prosecuted.

May this long overdue conviction bring some relief to the victims/survivors of Ackerman and Kennedy's brutality.

Issued by Sinawo Thambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 24 April 2023