Godfrey Lebeya's appointment as Hawks head welcome - SAPU

Union says Lt-Gen is a tried and tested career police official chased away by Riah Phiyega


The South African Policing Union would like to welcome the appointment of Lt-Gen. Godfrey Lebeya as the head of the Directorate for Priority Crimes Investigation commonly known as the Hawks. SAPU commends Police Minister for these drastic changes he has brought to the SAPS within this shortest period of time. General Lebeya is a tried and tested career police official who was chased away by the then national commissioner Riah Phiyega.

The appointment of General Lebeya will not only bring stability to the Hawks , he comes with his wealth of experience in detective policing. We would like to salute Minister Cele who has shown through actions that he means business. His latest appointment shows us the days of mediocrity and patronage networks in the SAPS are over. General Lebeya is a top tog in policing.

The appointment of General Lebeya will also go a long way in boosting the morale of officers within the Hawks. We are looking forward at the dramatic decline of serious crime in our country. Officers like General Lebeya are known to performing to their maximum ability. SAPU pledges to work with him as we did during his stint in the police. We want to join the law abiding citizenry in believing that in reality there is a new dawn in our country. The SAPS is part of the change that are brewing in our country because of President Cyril Ramaphosa's leadership.

We felt very bad when General Lebeya was lost in the SAPS because of petty jealously and selfishness by those who felt threatened by his leadership capacity. The Hawks will enjoy great success with him at the helm. Once again SAPU welcomes his appointment as the latest positive step towards the total eradication of serious crime in our society. General Lebeya is a man of great integrity. It is hard luck to those who thought they will capture the Hawks as it will be them who will be captured now.

Statement issued by Oscar Skommere, SAPU General Secretary, 24 May 2018