Good riddance - MKMVA on Khoza's resignation

Kebby Maphatsoe says MP's departure will allow ANC to get on with its work

Good riddance - MKMVA on Khoza's resignation from ANC

21 September 2017

Johannesburg - The African National Congress still has not received any formal communication from Makhosi Khoza regarding her announcement on Thursday that she was leaving the political party.

Khoza, who is an ANC Member of Parliament, on Thursday told journalists at a media briefing that she was "leaving the ANC, but not the ANC values".

She said she did not believe that the 105-year-old liberation movement, which is mired in corruption allegations, had the ability to self-correct and she was therefore quitting the party.

But the ANC said it couldn't comment on the matter as it had not received a letter of resignation or intention to resign from Khoza.

"We are unable to give a comprehensive response because when she joined, she joined a branch of the ANC.

"Her branch, her region, her province, including the office of the chief whip, and the ANC caucus in Parliament have not received any sort of letter [detailing] her intention," said ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.

"We cannot comment about people who resign through media briefings but when they joined the ANC they didn't join via media briefings," added Kodwa.

MKMVA reaction

But one of her biggest critics in the ANC, uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans' Association chairperson Kebby Maphatsoe, said it was obvious from the beginning of Khoza's troubles with the ANC that she wanted to leave the party.

He claimed she wanted it to appear as though she had been pushed out of the party.

"Good riddance, [it's] good that she voluntarily left the ANC," said Maphatsoe.

He said Khoza's behaviour had been against the guidelines the organisation set out for its members.

He also told News24 he believed she was running away because of the charges she had to face at a disciplinary hearing against her in KwaZulu-Natal.

Khoza was ordered to appear the provincial executive committee in her home province over her continued public criticism of President Jacob Zuma.

Maphatsoe said her departure from the party would allow the ANC to get on with its work without people coming out and claiming Khoza was being mistreated.