GOOD welcomes appointment of WCape Police Commissioner

Brett Herron says this is a promise of a new era of public safety for province

GOOD welcomes appointment and promise of a new era of public safety for the Western Cape

12 December 2019

Today’s announcement of the appointment of Lt-General YolisaMatakata as the new Police Commissioner of the Western Cape is a very welcome one.

Matakata demonstrated fearless leadership during her stint as acting Head of the Hawks.

During her tenure at the Hawks she tackled some of the corruption and state capture that had been in the public domain for a very long time without any action having been taken.

She candidly alerted parliament to the NPA’s obstruction of prosecution of people like Ajay Gupta.

The Western Cape is in need of fearless police leadership as our violent crime levels far exceed the national average with the City of Cape Town regarded as a “murder capital of the world”.

GOOD welcomes Matakata to her new role and we wish her well. 

The people of the Western Cape deserve to live in peace and free from violence and crime. 

We trust that she will live up to her reputation of putting crime fighting above politics and will work to ensure that our province becomes a safer place for all.

We expect the provincial government, and our local government law enforcement leaders, to work with her to fight crime without political posturing and interference.

Issued by Brett Herron, GOOD Member of the Provincial Parliament, 12 December 2019