Govt must reveal exact amount of KZN disaster relief funds – IFP

Party says some leaders in ANC have graduated with 'masters degrees' in faculty of lies

The ANC government must reveal exact amount of disaster relief funds

29 April 2019

The IFP challenges the ANC government to tell the public how much has been allocated to assist flood victims in KwaZulu-Natal.

Its election time and it is an undisputed fact that some leaders in the ANC have graduated with “masters degrees” in the faculty of lies whenever there is elections. Some even qualify with a PhD.

When the President of the country visited KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday, he announced that he immediately contacted Treasury and that he asked them if they have money to assist our people - and they said the money is available.

If the money is in fact available, we want the following answers from the ruling party:

1. How much is the total budget allocation for KZN floods disaster victims?

2. To which department will these funds be distributed to and administered by?

3. How will the affected families will access these funds?

4. When will these funds be released and allocated to the affected families?

5. What selection criteria will be used to ensure that all qualifying people are benefitting irrespective of their political affiliation?

We are demanding these answers from them as it is in the best interest of the public.

Issued by Mkhuleko Hlengwa, National Spokesperson, IFP, 29 April 2019