Guptas’ Bank of Baroda accounts to be reported to Indian Reserve Bank - Natasha Mazzone

DA MP says family could be using these accounts to funnel public money out of SA

DA to report Guptas’ Bank of Baroda accounts to Indian Reserve Bank

The DA will write to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Urjit Patel, in terms of Section 36 of the Banking Regulation Act of India to report the Guptas’ accounts with the Bank of Baroda.

Section 36 states that the Reserve Bank of India has the power to “caution or prohibit banking companies or any banking company in particular against entering into any particular transaction”.

Recent evidence produced at Parliament’s Inquiry into State Capture at State-Owned Entities, findings in the Public Protector's "State of Capture" Report, and the Bank of Baroda’s own attempts to close the Guptas’ accounts, after citing the reputational risk of being associated with the Guptas’ companies, is enough reason for the RBI to prohibit any further transactions between Baroda and the Guptas.

The DA is of the belief that the Gupta family could be using their accounts with the Bank of Baroda to funnel South African public money out of the country.

The Guptas are at the centre of State Capture and have allegedly used their close ties to President Jacob Zuma to raid our state coffers for their own personal financial benefit.

The DA will, therefore, request that the Reserve Bank of India urgently prohibit the Bank of Baroda from entering into any further transactions with the Guptas, as the money the Gupta family is transferring into their Bank of Baroda accounts was possibly obtained through illegal means.

Statement issued by Natasha Mazzone MP, DA Shadow Minister of Public Enterprises, 5 November 2017