Hawks visibly targeting and isolating Pravin Gordhan – SACP

Party says Berning Ntlemeza also overheard declaring that Communists must now be harassed

Hawks Head Lieutenant-General Berning Ntlemeza is politically motivated

18 May 2016

Communists must be harassed; the next is Madoda Sambatha of North West. This apparently is the “new mandate” of Lieutenant-General BerningNtlemeza, Head of the Directorate for Priority Crimes Investigations, also known as the Hawks. Ntlemeza was discussing the agenda with a third person, without realising that seated an arm’s length from him was a leader of an organ of the South African Communist Party (SACP) who overheard the discussion from where it was held.

The conduct of the Hawks under Ntlemeza’s stewardship is increasingly leaving much to be desired, and indeed reflects politically motivated, factional and private agendas. Cloning such agendas as if they were the law taking its course, and therefore abusing state power to pursue them, is completely unacceptable. The SACP condemns such machinations in the strongest terms possible. True to its history, the Party will explore all avenues available to it to confront the abuse of state power!

The SACP reaffirms its position that no one is above the law. All conflict with the law must be investigated and dealt with without fear or favour. The universal principle of justice that everybody, natural and juristic persons alike, is equal before the law must be seen given effect at all times without regard to who is involved.

Under apartheid, the state machinery was used to target freedom fighters and other members of society who disagreed with or opposed apartheid. The SACP is concerned that there are elements that rose through the ranks of the state apparatus of the crime against humanity that apartheid was, including its special branch, that continue to enjoy themselves: This time within new state institutions where they participate in factionally isolating and targeting some of the leaders of our revolution and other members of society.  

It is in the same context that the stalwart of our liberation struggle, FinanceMinister Pravin Gordhan who has become a barrier against the looting of public resources 

Issued by Alex Mohubetswane Mashilo, National Spokesperson, Head of Communications, SACP, 18 May 2016