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Buti Manamela describes DA leader's comments on Zuma's womanising as cheap and cowardly

Helen Zille's deplorable comments

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] notes with utter disgust the venomous comments made by the loud mouth DA leader Ms.Helen Zille as it relates to the President of the Republic Jacob Zuma. Ms. Helen Zille is a sick woman who needs help. We thought her initial relentless outburst were due to the election euphoria.

This cheap and cowardly attack is reminiscent of the earlier labelling of President Zuma with the failed intention of isolating him and ensuring that he does not ascend to the highest office in the land. Now that President Zuma has ascended to the throne as the President of the Republic, were are witnessing these ‘out of touch' attempts.

Fortunately, the people of South Africa will not be fooled by the malicious, chauvinistic and deplorable racist attacks by Zille. We fully support and stand by Zuma's Presidency. It is our view that the personalization and Americanisation of politics is increasingly becoming dangerous for our country and body politics.

Ms.Zille is deliberately shifting the debate on the key developmental challenges facing our country in our ongoing efforts of building a non racial, non sexist, democratic and prosperous country. Her confrontational style of opposition politics has been dealt a heavy blow by the inclusiveness of the President in the appointment of cabinet. Let her deal with the disappointments she caused to the many black people she fooled and lied during her racist campaign. She could not appoint in her cabinet an African because they are ‘unable' and unqualified, when she garnered their votes. She is such a disgrace to the women of our country for choosing an all white male cabinet.  

We deplore the attacks on President Zuma because he was elected based on the good track record of the ANC government over the past 15 years and the ANC elections manifesto which the majority of South Africans agree with, as opposed to his private lifestyle.

As the YCLSA we see these attacks as a continuation of a prolonged personal onslaught against President Zuma as initiated by the then NPA head Bulelani Ngcuka in collaboration with some sections of the bourgeois media. Zille is abusing public platforms to insult the integrity of the Office and persons of President Zuma. This tendency defeats the ideals of Bram Fischer, Ruth First and other great architectures of our democratic dispensation and seeks to sustain the legacy of Apartheid for which clearly Ms Zille is an ardent supporter by her actions let alone her words.

There are many challenges faced by our country which are a manifestation of an embedded apartheid legacy done by Zille's ancestors, including land reform, access to housing, jobs for the poor and education for the vast majority of our working class and poor youth. Instead of Zille responding to these pressing challenges faced by our people, she chose's to be personal and attack President Zuma.

These cheap rantings and insults by Ms. Zille should be located and understood within the failed and aborted media plot to pose President Zuma as unfit to govern and against all odds he won the elections. Now that there is nothing that the bourgeois media can do, they rely on giving Ms. Zille a platform under the guise that she is a leader of the opposition to continue with the Zuma onslaught.

We call on Zille to desist from personal grandstanding and respect President Zuma, as he was elected democratically by the people of our country. Zille should further understand and accept that Western Cape and the City of Cape are part of South Africa and they are not a colony of her racist DA. President Zuma is the President for all South Africans including Zille if she is truly South African and he deserves all our respects.

Statement issued by YCLSA National Secretary Buti Manamela, May 12 2009

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