Herman Mashaba's true colours exposed - COSATU Gauteng

Federation says it always suspected businessman, along with the FMF, were advancing DA's agenda

The true colours of Mr. Herman Mashaba exposed

11 December 2015

The true colours of Black Lime Me, boss Herman Mashaba are now exposed.

COSATU suspected that Mr. Mashaba together with his associate at the Free Market Foundation have always advanced the agenda of the Democratic Alliance.

Their attack on collective bargaining is just a ploy to weaken trade unions in South Africa to advance the interest of business.

It is not a surprise that he is touted as the DA mayoral candidate. His neo-liberal organization, Free Market Foundation that seeks to undermine collective bargaining will be responded to with the full might and power of workers under the banner of COSATU.

The DA has through its five point plan, targeted the labour market reforms particularly amending the sections of the Labour Relations Act that gives unions disproportionate powers, including provisions on collective bargaining, closed-shop agreements and minimum thresholds for representation, reform strike balloting procedures, tackle strike-related violence by amending legislation so that unions would be responsible for the actions of their members.

The Free Market Foundation (FMF) filed a case with the Gauteng High Court challenging the principle and practice of extending bargaining councils agreements in South Africa to non parties.

It is no surprise that Mashaba is one of the candidates for a mayor of Johannesburg in order to advance the agenda of the liberal DA to erode the gains of workers over years to benefit business.

The DA uses people like Mashaba to steam ahead with their agenda of undermining workers in South Africa and workers in this country must close ranks and defend their gains.

Statement issued by Dumisani Dakile, COSATU Gauteng Provincial Secretary, 11 December 2015