Horrific farm murder in Trompsburg - TAU SA

Henry Geldenhuys says Johan Fourie and his wife Cecile brutally killed, robbery an unlikely motive

Why is there a distinction between farmers and ANC?

Another farmer and his wife was murdered. Mr. Johan Fourie (71) and his wife, Cecile (72) on the farm Koppe in the district of Trompsburg, southern Free State , were brutally murdered. According to experienced detectives this was one of the most gruesome murder scenes they've ever seen.

Once again the killers were drinking in the house while waiting for the farmer to return after church. Only a .22 revolver was missing, while other firearms in the safe, which was cut open, were left untouched.

"We simply cannot accept that robbery is the motive for this murder," said Mr Henry Geldenhuys, Vice-President of TAU SA and chairman of the safety committee. "If they only wanted to steal there was enough time to take what they wanted and to leave without torturing and eventually killing people," said Mr Geldenhuys.

"What is of greater concern to TAU SA , is the fact that in police ranks apparently a distinction is made when it comes to certain categories of people being murdered. The recent series of killings in Natal , where the victims apparently were ANC officials, it was immediately described as political murders and the special investigation unit, the Hawks, were called in to investigate the murders. This assumption was made before any further clues apparently came to light.  Government cannot favour ANC members more than the agricultural community who contribute to ensuring food security.

"For many years TAU SA has demanded that the same approach should be followed when investigating of farm murders. The Trompsburg incident proved the necessity of this, because other motives seem to be evident. TAU SA has been on record for many years that it believes that other motives are behind the farm murders, and that it is the duty of the State to investigate it properly, "said Mr Geldenhuys.

Meanwhile, Mr. Geldenhuys called on farmers to be on the alert to ensure that safety requirements are met at all times. He emphasized that there should be acted ruthlessly "against terrorists who want to murder farmers."

Statement issued by Henry Geldenhuys, Vice-President of TAU SA and chairman of the safety committee, September 11 2012

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