Housing development in Tshwane now on track – Solly Malatsi

Mayor says delivery has sped up since DA-led multi-party govt took over

Housing development in Tshwane now on track under DA government

21 September 2017

The DA’s visit to the Refilwe Manor Extention 9, Region 5 in Tshwane today is proof that where the DA governs our people can realise their basic right to own a home.

The delivery of housing has been sped up since the DA-led multi-party government was voted into power by the people of Tshwane. The residents of Refilwe will now have a much better chance of knowing the dignity of owning a title deed and having a roof over their heads.

Upon assessing the progress of this life-changing housing development project, the DA is now more committed than ever to restore our people’s dignity.

The housing development project started in the 2013/2014 financial year but progress stalled under the ANC-run metro.

The DA-led, multi-party government has now kick started  the construction of internal water and sewer connections to 769 residential stands as well as the construction of a 10ml water reservoir to the value of R42 million; 2 sewer pump stations and upgrading the existing Water Waste Treatment Works to be completed at R22 million.

The reservoir and pump stations are expected to be completed by March 2018. Currently there is a site for an early development centre, a school, community centre and a site for business and commercial purposes.

The township development was originally approved in 2007 by the Nokeng Local Municipality as a private development. Tshwane later bought over the property, as well as the development after the merger between the City and Nokeng local municipality. However, progress stalled under the aloof ANC government.

Under the corrupt and dysfunctional leadership of the ANC in Tshwane, thousands of vulnerable citizens in Refilwe and many other communities in similar circumstances, have lost hope of ever owning a home.

This housing project may have been delayed under the previous administration but the DA is committed to working hard and ensuring that the residents of Refilwe are given a chance to own a home.

Issued by Solly Malatsi, DA Shadow Minister of Human Settlements, 21 September 2017